Hailing bonds of sisterhood

It might happen to be the guy waving his arms frantically.

Or maybe it was the fact that dozens of people were lined up behind a fence to get on the just-arrived ferry.

No, I think what finally did it was when another guy shouted at us, yelling frantically to get our attention.

Yup. It was unquestionably the sharp “Hey!!” that eventually startled my sister and me enough to absorb the fact that there was a no go zone surrounding the ferry ramp and we were in the middle of it.

Not merely standing there, but running through it while the Toronto Island ferry workers scrambled to determine the level of protection risk chatting without a care in the world, we posed.

Truth be told, we were not much of a hazard, what with Heather’s miniature runner’s body and my inclination to run away from the smallest confrontation. But hey, the ferry workers didn’t understand that and appeared dismay — downright upset, even — that we were running directly through their protected zone.

We turned suddenly, although the furious one was quicker than he looked, and scampered out of there, admitting and giggling that we each had discovered the big red DoN’t Enter sign but had felt it didn’t apply to us.

We were, after all, on a bit of a sisterly high as we ran through the streets of Toronto. It is not often that we see each other — perhaps once a year — and rarer still for each of us to not be encumbered by family responsibilities on a sunny day in the large city.

Heather and I have running in common and often compare training notes and race times. One day our fantasy is to run a marathon together, but in the meantime, a 90-minute jaunt along the waterfront is a fine substitute.

Without skipping a beat safely back outside on the public footpath, we resumed our conversation.

You are able to go weeks, months or even years between visits and pick up right where you left off.

Shared interests between siblings can result in simple connections, but new ventures can be made for by different hobbies. A mall I did not like and I, on the other hand, have never met.

“Any good stores?” I inquire.

She’s non committal so I seek the area online. Turns out this is the holy grail of outlet malls, with Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Vince Camuto plus the usual suspects like Coach and Fossil, to name just a couple.

“Clear your program,” I text her. “I am going to need several hours.”

I was not joking.

We pull the store windows that glisten with beautiful things that beckon to be appreciated, researched, devoured, owned.

“Does this seem OK?” Kim inquires.

My heart racing, I will barely talk. “Um, yeah,” I croak.

Kim decides she’ll look for a hardcase for her new Mini that is iPad. Me? I’m up for whatever can fit in my suitcase and on my credit card.

At several stores, iPad Mini cases are found by Kim but questions the size. “They seem extremely little,” she shrugs and moves along.

We shop, Kim Kim stopping several times to try on a few garments, steal into a number of shoes, model in a few pairs of shades patient while I ohh and ahh over the beauty of it all.

All the pink lures into Kate Spade us -and-white shopping bags people are carrying. It’s an oasis of pretty, where one bag is more beautiful than the last.

“It is a good thing I didn’t buy an iPad Mini case,” she concedes. “I only realized I ‘ve an iPad Air.”

Leave it to Kim to mix up those two things up, and leave it to Heather to boldly run into a security zone. That is why I adore them: Unique. Loving. Fearless.

My sisters.

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GOP Iraq Hypocrisy Successes Overdrive

The one I’m about to cite may not take the gold, but I did a triple-cringe with a double gag once I heard John Boehner’s comment about President Obama “taking a rest” with respect to Mosul.

Now they have taken control of Mosul. They are 100 miles from Baghdad. And what’s the president doing? Taking a nap!”

Now, there are things to criticize Obama about here, goodness knows. His mishandling of the Syrian crisis–probably the consequential and most devastating error of his presidency, in my perspective–helped give rise to ISIS. As ever, he talked too large (it was an election year) about withdrawing from Iraq with honor and all that rot.

But please. It’s only so disgustingly dishonest of Boehner to speak like that. Yeah, too many Democrats signed on to this horrible folly, but the war in Iraq was obviously a GOP production.

Remember that press conference toward the end of his term when Bush got those shoes? The COUCH called for almost all American forces to be gone by New Year’s Day 2012.

Just a little history on the COUCH: It had been negotiated after daily violence had been quelled by the upsurge to some substantial level. But even so, more than 100,000 Iraqis had been killed, millions had been displaced or left their country, basic services in most cities were plenty iffy, and so on. Iraqis all of sects were determined for the Americans to leave. So they negotiated a timeline that many Bushies believed not too loose, but the pressure on the Iraqis was enormous to get out the United States. Iraqi negotiators insisted on more than 100 changes to the file. From Bush’s end, he essentially had to take what the Iraqis gave him, because if he did not negotiate the 2012 deadline, all U.S. forces would had to have been gone by the end of 2008. That would have looked like defeat and would have been a highly precipitous withdrawal. I am so glad we had a “tough” president.

Just a little history on the COUCH: It had been negotiated after daily violence had been quelled by the surge to a significant measure. But even so, more than 100,000 Iraqis had been killed, millions left their nation or had been displaced, basic services were plenty iffy, and so on. Iraqis all of sects were determined for the Americans to leave. So they negotiated a timeline that many Bushies thought too tight, but the pressure on the Iraqis was tremendous to get the United States out. Iraqi negotiators insisted on over 100 changes to the file. That would happen to be an exceptionally precipitous withdrawal and would have looked like defeat. I’m so happy we had a “tough” president.

So it’s good to give Obama some of the blame for the present Iraq mess. It was clear enough back in December 2008, when Bush negotiated the COUCH, that we were simply ducking and running according to a politically acceptable schedule that had nothing related to the reality on the earth. Everyone knew that that reality could readily, really would probably, devolve into the sectarian disaster we see. And as a side note, let us not forget your choice by Bush’s guy Paul Bremer to disband the Iraqi military. That left lots of jobless officers who, according to regional expert Fawaz Gerges, went and joined… ISIS.

And eventually, we need to inquire: Is there anything, anything at all that the Republicans would not use as a political sledgehammer to pound Obama with? We are all responsible here for this difficulty. The president’s approach has n’t been supported by me, but I voted for this war. Perhaps all of us who voted for this war should work with the president to work out how to solve this problem.”

That you’re laughing at how naive that sounds is not a reflection on me. It shouldn’t be such a preposterous opinion, especially given their history as the folks who brought us this heroic catastrophe, that such a thing might be said by a Republican. Could you imagine that? The opposition working with the White House, attempting to solve an issue that everyone one way or another bears some kind of duty for? I didn’t believe so.

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2014 Jaguars Women’s Club Announced

The Jaguars Women’s Club presented by Stein Mart and Culligan was created with the female Jaguars fan in mind and offers really unique encounters. Members receive VIP treatment which includes custom membership kits, exclusive opportunities and a forum to stay linked with the Jaguars and other club members through Facebook and exciting events.

The club is kicking off the year in style with the second yearly ‘Cleats & Cocktails’ event on Tuesday, May 20 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in the West Touchdown Club at EverBank Field. This event will give members the opportunity to discover from Head Coach Gus Bradley and Jaguars players. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and one drink voucher will be provided. Admission can be reserved for this FREE event, open just to 2014 Jaguars Women’s Club members, /womensclub by Friday, May 16.

The yearly membership fee for the club is $50 ($45 for Season Ticket Owners) and includes a membership kit containing a custom T Shirt, tote bag, charm necklace, sunglasses, sunglass pouch and membership card.

“The Jaguars Women’s Club is an exciting way for other club to connect with all the female Jaguars supporters,” said Christy Stechman Zynda, Senior Supervisor, Cheerleading, Promotions & Applications. “Other club are looking forward to sustained increase of the club and creating new and unique events this season.”

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Google Glass is getting cups

The online, Internet- glasses don’t really include lenses in its shape. Starting Tuesday, Google is offering new types of detachable sunglasses and an elective attachment for prescription lenses.

The shift comes as Google Inc. makes to generate Glass offered to the general citizenry later this year. Presently, Glass can be acquired and then the thousands of individuals that are evaluating and generating programs for it.

Glass is simply a small pc, above the personis right-eye using a camera and a display. The device rests around at forehead stage, than wherever glasses might proceed higher.

It allows consumers search the Net, request instructions and take photographs or videos. Similar to sporting a smartphone and never have to keep it inside your palms, Glass also lets individuals participate in video shows, turn terms while exploring or read their email, share images on Twitter and Facebook. Glass employs some simple speech instructions, talked following the terms “alright, Glass.”

The unit itself isn’t changing with this announcement. Instead, Google plans to create different parts readily available for people that wear glasses or spectacles.

The Mountain View, Calif., corporation is now presenting four varieties of structures for prescription lenses. Additionally it is providing two new forms of hues, as well as the one available. The structures cost $225 as well as the colors, $150. That’s along with the $ 1,500 cost of Glass.

Consumers can take the frames to any perspective care company for prescription contacts. Google suggests it is dealing with insurance carrier Vision Service Plan to practice eye care companies across the U.S. on how to use Glass.

Google says some insurance policies might cover the price of the frames. VSP, which covers 64 thousand individuals inside the U.S., may also supply protection for that frames and prescription lenses with Google included in its partnership. VSPis typical allowances for structures may vary from $80 to $160.

The cause designer for Google Glass, Isabelle Olsson, suggests the cups are opened by the frames that are newest up to bigger market.

She exhibited the new structures Towards The Associated Press the other day at the Google Glass Basecamp, an airy attic around the eighth floor of the Chelsea Market in Nyc. It truly is among the locations wherever learn to rely on them and Glass customers goto pick their products up. Walking in, guests are approached, ofcourse, with a secretary.

“we would like as many individuals as you can to put it on,” she said.

Compared to that finish, Glassis makers picked four specific although standard body types. On-one finish is just a large “bold” fashion that sticks out. Around the different is just a “slim” style – to blend as possible in as much.

Olsson said Google will not be capable of contend with the 1000s of variations provided at common glasses merchants. Alternatively, Glassis manufacturers looked over what types of spectacles are most widely used, what folks wear the most and, essentially, the things they seem great in.

The latter is a regular challenge for that technology marketplace that is wearable that is nascent, particularly for something similar to Google Glass, designed to be used in your experience. When Google unveiled Glass in a movie almost 2 yrs ago, it attracted on negative evaluations to Bluetooth headphones, the logos of the style- technophile that was ignorant.

In planning Google Glass, Olsson and her crew centered on three layout rules together with the objective of fabricating something which people wish to use. They were scalability and lightness. That one implies having different choices designed for people that are diverse – just like you’ll find distinct varieties of headphones, from in-ear buds to big aviator-type monstrosities.

Google Glass currently will come in five shades – “charcoal,” a light color of gray called “shale,” tangerine and bright blue “air.” The shape devices out Tuesday are typical titanium. Customers can combine and match.

“Individuals must not be unable to decide on,” Olsson said. “These products have to be lifestyle items.”
Trademark Times Colonist

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Dermalogica SA appoints national marketing manager

Dermalogica SA recently made Natasha Proksch as the national marketing manager. She’s extensive expertise in brand and marketing management having worked in the industry for many years with brands like Gucci, Hugo Boss and Lacoste.

Natasha started her career working on optometric brands and sunglass. She then joined the African Sales Company where she worked for seven years, working her way up for Procter and Gamble stature fragrances and starting as brand manager. Natasha dedicated her time to working as a senior category manager on the Avon company.

This function will see Natasha managing the entire marketing department at Dermalogica to grow the brand significantly.

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The Black Keys’ New Record: A Track-by-Track Review

Everyone, or at least every critic with a serious mental investment in statements in this way, agrees: The Black Keys are the last true rock band. Here is a track-by-track look at what’s good and what’s even better on the Black Keys’ new record, Rapidly Casual.


2. “Some Restrictions Apply” – A brooding amount that exemplifies the Black Keys’ recent bent for incorporating brands and advertising-prepared slogans into tunes about untrustworthy but captivating girls, this would’ve fit perfectly on such Black Keys records as We Are Farmers (2010) or Toyotathon Man (2012).


4. “Party Bee” – When this song was heard within an advertisement for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fructose Whiskey Coolers, the insipid lyrics–”Oh woman, I’m a party bee/Fly about with sweetened whiskey/Party bee will sting a boob/Party bee delightfully sweetens your favourite cocktails”–drew a chorus of criticism online. The single entered Billboard’s rock charts at number four, though, and became one of the larger hits of the group.

5. “Man 18-to-35″ – Auerbach and Carney are clearly feeling it on this one, and deliver a brash anthem for the country’s most sought-after demographic. “You are going to get me what I need, and when,” Auerbach growls, “and I am still going to make a big deal about it.”

6. “Forget It” – This strutting, blues-y song stands out for being notably less polished with regard to creation than other recent efforts–truly, it would be at home on either of the group’s first two records–Auerbach’s winding guitar figures, and for ending abruptly with a substantial, audible sigh.

7. “Literally Applebee’s” – Difficult to say what this stomping number is about.


9. “See You Tomorrow” – Auerbach rides over Carney’s muscular drumming and Danger Mouse’s whirling keys in this ode to good times with good buddies, and the Applebee’s new line of sizzling steak and shrimp entrees. Though it is been a favorite as part of the Keys’ live set for years, this is its very first time appearing on a record.

10. “Akron” (Feat. Akon) – A little stylistic departure for the group, this cooperation with Miami-area producer DJ Khaled and Senegalese-created super-alto Akon sounds like an uptempo club anthem. But listen closer: it’s about the band’s Ohio hometown. The lyrics detail the tenacious affection for a place that is fighting, and oddly ageless in ways both positive and negative –fighting with the demand to grow, to become something other than what it is been if it is to endure of the group. Finally, the tune is about the dignity lived if occasionally desperately, and with a form of honour that was weary. Also Akon sings something in the chorus.

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